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LRC Projects


LRC Projects

You can read a  summary for each of our Projects simply by clicking on the relevant Project  Number below. From there you will be directed to more detailed information. 

Projects Funded by English Heritage Archaeology commissions

  • EH1055 Publication:West Heslerton ~ The Anglian Cemetery by Christine Haughton & Dominic Powlesland with contributions by Nigel Blades, Ann Clarke, Margaret Cox, Brian Gilmour, Terry Manby, Penelope Walton Rogers & Jacqui Watson, LRC 1999/2000
  • EH2804 The Landscape Evaluation of the Vale of Pickering
  • EH3065 DigIT: Digital Information Technology in Field Archaeology
  • EH3182 Publication:  West Heslerton: The Anglo-Saxon Settlement (due for completion  in 2010)
  • EH3239 Publication:The Grubenhaus in Anglo-Saxon England by Jess Tipper, LRC 2003


Projects Funded by English Heritage from The Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund

  • EH3409 Characterising, modelling and managing the buried landscape in the Vale of Pickering (completed February 2004)
  • EH3516 EXHIBITION: 2000 Days of Digging in association with the Malton Museum Foundation (April 2003- November 2004)
  • Publication:25 years of archaeological research on the sands and gravels of Heslerton
  • EH3841 Multi-spectral imaging & thermal-decay mapping on sands and gravel bearing sub-soils Also supported by NERC in collaboration with Dr. Danny Donoghue, Department of Geography, University of Durham
  • EH5288 Mapping the risk and characterising  the potential ~ aggregates, palaeoenvironment and archaeology of the Vale of  Pickering.
  • East Heslerton Research Excavation and Public Information Boards (completed 2010)


Developer Funded Projects supported under arrangements defined by PPG 16 (Planning Policy Guidance 16)


Other Projects


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